Leazes Park Playpark initiative

Leazes Park Playpark initiative – Urban Green

Urban Green Newcastle is an independent charity committed to preserving Newcastle’s green spaces. Here at Northern Lights Newcastle, we are delighted to have partnered with Urban Green to kickstart an important initiative to help save the Leazes Park Playpark. 

Together, we are asking our guests to help us raise £20K to help repair equipment at the Playpark.

What actions are we taking to support the initiative? 

  1. We have added a donation tool onto the ticketing page so you can contribute to the fundraise when purchasing your tickets 
  2. For every pound our guests donate to the playpark fundraiser, we will donate a pound too, up to £10,000! 
  3. To help kickstart the campaign, we have donated £1,000 to the fundraiser

Inspired to take action to help save your local playpark? Click here to donate to our fundraiser!